Boracay Tour Packages


Boracay is Panay’s pride when it comes to tourist attraction. It’s known world wide mostly for it’s pure white sand beaches and pristine clear waters. It’s even a popular destination among the Philippines’ locals.

When Boracay comes to mind we always think “fun in the sun and the salty sea air” and parties all night long. However, Boracay has so much more to offer than just that, with other tourist spots included in most Boracay tour packages.

Here is a list of places that you might want to visit when planning your Boracay travel packages:

Ariel’s Point: A boat ride away from the island, is a remote hub for eco adventurers for a little excitement and for social butterflies to mingle with other tourists

White Beach: Don’t miss out on the most popular beach in Boracay, where the sand stays cool and powdery no matter how hot it gets. Home of the most scenic Boracay sunsets. A must!  Make sure this is included in your Boracay tour package.

Puka Shell Beach: Also known as Yapak beach, it’s white “sand” is not actually sand but crushed Puka Shells, and visit to it makes an extraordinary experience, not only because of that but because it’s also a unique rock formation covered with lush vegetation.

Mt Luho: If your Boracay travel package permits, you can be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of the island as rewards when you decide to conquer this mountain.

Willy’s Rock: If your Boracay tours package permits, this rock is a must see being an odd volcanic formation on the shore topped with a religious statue of the Virgin Mary which signifies faith and catholicism– the major religion of the Philippine islands.

Boracay Butterfly Garden: Be one with nature and experience the beauty of hundreds of species of Philippine butterflies and an excess of 150 plant species in this place. Not good for the entomophobic but definitely a wonderful site to see and experience.

Bat Cave: Venture out into the bat caves of White Beach to check out stalactites and stalagmites as well as the habitat of one of the largest colony of bats in the island. But be careful not to step on the guano.

Dead Forest: Witness and behold the most eerie yet romantic site in the Island of what used to be a swamp filled with mangroves in brackish water. An aftermath of a strong typhoon which hit the islands some time ago after a dam broke and filled the area with sea water killing causing an ecological disturbance. The site has become a muse for many a poet and a home of myths and ghost stories for some of the locals. Definitely a spot your Boracay travel tour package must have.

As you can see there are plenty of wonderful things in Boracay aside from just the beach and the wild nightlife. Enjoy a truly tropical stay in the island paradise of Boracay with the plenty of affordable Boracay Travel Tour packages you can choose from to suit your senses. Start looking at Boracay packages today!


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